Blow Outs

(Packaged 5 vehicles for $10.00)
Please list as blowouts when you make your order

These vehicles can be used for destroyed, wrecked or distressed vehicles. All vehicles come 5 to a pack complete with turret, hull and tracks. These are miscasted vehicles and come with various forms of defects, suitable for battlefield wrecks. Resin is a soft material that can be altered with a dremel, file or sanding block to name a few tools. The models can also be used for kit-bashing. The availability of vehicles will constantly change depending on production needs. They will be sold on a first come, first serve basis and will be only listed when available. They are not painted or assembled.


  • M-3 Lee Assortment
  • M-4 Early VVSS Assortment
  • M-4 Early HVSS Assortment
  • M-4 Easy Eights
  • M-4 Jumbo Assult Tanks
  • M-10/M-36 Assortment
  • M3A1/M-5 Assortment
  • M-2/M-3 Halftrack Assortment


  • T-34 Assortment
  • SU 85/100 Assortment
  • KV Assortment
  • T-26 Assortment
  • BT 2/BT 5 Assortment
  • BT7
  • JS II
  • ISU 152/ISU 122 Assortment
  • T-35
  • T-28
  • SU 122


  • Pz III Assortment
  • Pz IV Assorment
  • Panther/Jagdpanther Assorment
  • Tiger I
  • Pz II Assortment
  • Marder Assortment
  • Czech 38T
  • 251 Halftracks
  • 250 Halftracks
  • Opel Trucks
  • RSO Tractors
  • PzJg IV Assortment


  • Matilda II
  • A-9 Assortment
  • A-10 Assortment
  • A-13 Assortment
  • A-15 Assorment
  • Cromwell Assortment
  • Mark VI Assortment
  • Churchill Assortment


  • Char B
  • Char D2
  • R Tank Assortment
  • H Tank Assortment
  • Souma
  • Char 2C
  • Panhard Assortment

US Naval

  • LVT I
  • LVT II